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Paypal Clone Script Solution

White Label Payment Gateway Platform provides state of the art, Paypal Clone Script solution – essential infrastructural component in the card-not-present industry. By being your access point to the global market, White Label Payment Platform represents your bridge between merchants and financial institutions.

Advantages Of Paypal Clone Script

Advanced Fraud Prevention
The Paypal Clone Script Platform applies dozens of fraud rules and external partners’ fraud engines for every processed transaction with our script.

Easy Integration

Our Paypal Clone Script Platform use of efficient development suites, web, and mobile SDKs allow you to integrate with the Platform within minutes most Shopping cart Modules available. We provide support for integration process.

Statistics & Accounting

White Label Payment Gateway provides you with monthly or weekly or Daily transaction statistics. You can get statistical reports with the customizable specification to download easy transaction reports in PDF and Excel sheet format.

Multiple Currencies Processing

Paypal Clone Script Platform enables processing transactions in various currencies allowing you to expand your business across borders.

PCI DSS Compliant

White Label Payment Gateway Platform is PCI DSS compliant and every customer of the Platform becomes automatically PCI DSS compliant. Our Paypal Clone Script software allow transaction as per PCI DSS Guidelines.

Multiple Payment Methods

White Label Payment Gateway Platform allows you to accept all major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, stripe, paypal and etc. Our clone script provide multiple of payment options.

Boarding Manager

White Label Platform has a portal where Business owners or Merchants apply the application and Upload their business documents for Onboarding process. All merchant data can be secured for sending the application package to the banker. The boarding manager ensures a smooth on-boarding process allowing you to apply within minutes.

User Management

The internal team from Underwriting can access the New applications via Boarding Manager for review purpose.

Simple Dashboard

Anybody can access the portal without any technical knowledge to respond to queries and upload documents.

Agreements Sharing

Underwriting team can share Agreement copies to Merchant for approval, fee confirmation and other contracts.

Email Notifications

The Applicants and Affiliates will be receiving an Email Notification upon quick response to the Queries.

Application Management

Admin or User from Underwriting team can respond, comment, request to the business owners.

Secure Login Portal

Merchant can get Notifications for Login systems to prevent the unsecured Login. Our transaction portal has secured.

Paypal Clone Script

We have a ready developed Paypal clone script which has the features like those of Paypal payment gateway. In this article, I will take you through our Paypal clone which you can easily test the demos we have and download for your own use. If you need clone script to make their own payment gateway like Paypal to contact with white label payment gateway for more details about PayPal clone script.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is an online Payment Gateway owned and operated by Ebay Inc. It facilitates people to send and receive payments online for the sale of their goods and services or even family and friends sending and receiving funds for a variety of reasons.

What is a Paypal clone?

A Paypal clone is derived from the two words (Paypal and clone). Similarly, Paypal, as above defined, is a website that helps people to send and receive money online. Clone, on the other hand, is something that has identical characteristics to another existing one.

A PayPal clone is, therefore, a website of software with similar characteristics and features to

Features of our Paypal clone script

Our Paypal clone script has the following features divided into:

1) Customer end.

2) Admin end.

Customer end Paypal Clone features

  • A very simple signup==> This will ensure that your users do not shy away from registering. We ask for very few details on signup and ask other details later when they are needed. This increases the signup rate and hence ensure your Paypal gateway will be easy to adopt and use by your customers.
  • An elegant simple login page ===> Just an email and password is needed for login. Easy Yes, we do not want to complicate your users. So, we are giving them a familiar way to login to your payment processor. Just like Paypal does because this is actually a Paypal clone software.
  • Send money ===> Users can send money to other users from their wallet balance.
  • Receive money ===> Users can receive money sent by other users which are credited automatically in their wallets.
  • Deposit or add funds to wallets ===> Users can deposit funds in their wallets.
  • Withdraw funds ===> Users can withdraw funds from their wallets to Bank and other provided Payment options.
  • REQUEST money ===> Users can request payments from other users. So, The requested funds can be paid by the people to whom the Payment is requested.
  • Wallet balance ===> Users can maintain a wallet balance. This is the amount of money that is sent by other users. They can then spend this buying goods and services or withdraw to cash.
  • Recent activity ==> This Paypal clone lists the recent transactions by the frond-end logged in user. Through this, the users can easily know their most recent transactions.
  • Profile display and editing ===> Users can see their profile details and edit where necessary.
  • Resolution center ===> Front end-users of this Paypal clone script can raise disputes in case they have problems with certain sent payments. They then can interact with the sellers who they had paid to amicably settle the matter or escalate the problem to the admin for resolution. Buyers can close disputes or admin can close. The resolution helps the users have confidence when making payments for the purchase of goods and/or services because they can raise a dispute in case something goes wrong.

Paypal clone admin end features

a) Recent transactions overview ===> The admin can view all the transactions done by all users.
b) Manage users ===> Admin can view and manage users.
c) Add and update deposits and withdrawal methods ===> Admin can view and manage Payment methods.
d) View and approve or reject Pending Deposits and withdrawals ===> When users to deposit or withdraw through manual offline payments, the admin will view and decide to approve or reject these transactions based on the provided details.
e) Disputes ===> Admin can view and determine the fate of the disputes posted on the resolution center in case of problematic transactions between sellers and buyers. Admin can decide in favor of either the buyer or the seller just like in Paypal.
f) Update and add scratch card tokens and their values===> The admin will generate the scratch/scan card tokens to help users deposit via these methods.
How To Create Your Own Payment Platform Like PayPal
How to create your own payment platform like PayPal to make transactions over the globe. However, my article is discussing how to create your own payment platform like PayPal but rather how to do it practically from scratch and without much technical knowledge. But if you want your own payment processor without any hassle contact with white label payment gateway.

The payment gateway I am guiding you to create is built on PHP and Mysql and it works perfectly and is very fast with no downtimes.

I know you can create Payment gateways in other languages like Java, Python, Javascript, and other databases. However, this is a pure PHP and Mysql payment gateway.

Uses of this Payment gateway:

You can successfully use this payment gateway to:

a). Charge transaction fees when your users send and receive funds via your created Payment gateway.

b). Use it to integrate payment solutions on your website of App.


  1. Shared hosting with Apache, PHP, Mysql (For start). You may need to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated servers when your business grows.
  2. Domain name. It runs on a domain name and you can get it for around USD. 10 if you do not have. Register a good domain name that attracts people looking for a payment gateway solution.

Paypal Clone App

This Paypal clone app is going to be the best ever for your payment gateway business. Are you looking for a Paypal Clone App? If yes, our payment processor is an 100% respoinsive and easy, simple design with full customization that you can use to easily start your Paypal clone app website without infringing of the Paypal gateway.

We have custom solutions and ready-to-go platform approach for your Paypal clone app script requirement. The custom developed solution can include of all the necessary features you need to kick-start a booming online business similar to Paypal.

Our Paypal White Label
Paypal is one of the earliest and better known digital payment systems used by consumers and businesses alike to make transactions around the world – online, through mobile apps, and in person. Our Paypal White Label solution can include all necessary feature and fully cutomizable platform.

Onboarding, payment processing, and KYC services have to then be integrated into the platform. Developing a core platform in-house is a complicated and time-consuming process that can overwhelm teams and delay product launch. As such, very few payment providers have their own platforms.

What is a Paypal clone?

This is software that emulates the features of without necessarily copying directly the layout, content and features of It is ideal for those people who want to Start and Run a payment processing business – A payment gateway within minutes.

Why choose Our PayPal Clone?

We have developed this PayPal clone script to help users to transfer money instantly and with a more secure way to get it done. This Payment processor script is more reliable and easy to use for the users, so you need to find it hard to go through the process of the money transfers. PayPal clone open source provides a portal where the users can send and receive money without much restrictions, rules,and interventions. The admin can earn the transaction fees for each transaction and this can be managed from the admin dashboard. PayPal clone script software is one of the best revenue models for any startup entrepreneur who wants to start their business with a money transfer website.

Who is the best paypal clone script provider in India?

There are lot more paypal clone script providers in India. They work well to provide scripts to the clients all over India but because in this competitive payment gateway world, it is hard to decide who is the best clone script provider, so you should research on it on your own. But what you can do for your own is, choose right paypal clone script provider!

  1. Check out the script fulfills all your needs and requirements
  2. Talk directly to the service providers through a phone call, Skype, or through whatever they are available for!
  3. Do complete research.
  4. 4. Make a decision when you are ready to work with them.

Where can you get a fully customizable paypal clone script?

Check out White Label Payment Gateway who delivers the exact paypal Clone Model Development as your new payment gateway with your own brand name! Hire our Highly Qualified Developers who are experts in handling payment gateway Application Development.

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